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My Five-0 thoughts, let me show them to you

I have mixed feelings about this last episode, as I seem to have for the entire season.

I loved the story with Steve and Freddy. Steve made me cry at least twice. I did not like that we sacrificed the team for more SteveandCatherine. I liked Catherine, once upon a time. I may love McDanno, but this is CBS and I'm not stupid. There was as much chance of Danny/Steve being canon as there was for Mitt Romney not to be an asshat. That being said, I dislike Catherine/Steve. Considering how much of the "ship" we got before this season, there is nothing there for me to be emotionally invested in. They're fuck buddies, when you come right down to it. Are they in love? Maybe, but I'm not convinced. And I'm really sick of my show shoving a "ship" down my throat at the sacrifice of the team. Catherine, IMO, does not need to be a regular. It doesn't even make sense that she's suddenly around so much. Is she suddenly stationed in Hawaii? And yes, considering the tensions with North Korea, it made sense that she was the one that backed up Steve this time. Every other case she's been on? She was shoved there with no more purpose than to show Michelle Borth in reveling clothes. It's ridiculous.

I loved this show, I really did. This season has been hit or miss, and these days, it's mostly a miss.
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