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Fandom thinky thoughts

I was reading on article from Zap2It on Tumblr and it got me thinking. The article was in reference to the Sterek Campaign's raising of, I believe, $10,000 for Wolf Haven. It's a great thing and just shows what a fandom can do when it's not busy arguing or sending threatening tweets to show-runners.

I digress.

The accomplishment is huge, but it's the article itself that made me think. I see articles about fandom and shipping everywhere now. And not just het ships, but slash as well. I got into fandom in the dim, dark ages of the early 90s (which, yes, makes me a baby compared to some :D), and back then you never would have seen shipping mentioned in an article. Sterek would have never shown up in an online poll. If you wrote or read slash, it was like Fight Club. The first rule... And God help you if read or wrote RPS. There was a special level of hell reserved for you.

It's... refreshing, in some respects. It's nice to know that people are maybe becoming more accepting of slash ships. It's nice to not have to feel like what I read and write needs to be kept in the closet because I'm a pervert.

I probably have more to say, but my brain is blonde today so I'm just going to go read me some 174000+ word Sterek that was just posted on AO3. :)

*Edited once gingerpig pointed out that it looked like there 174+ Sterek fics. Which there are, but that ain't what I was talking about. :)

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